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With uncertain technologies, overreaching establishments, and shifting loyalties persistently encroaching upon our lives and businesses, we of Cloak and Dagger believe it is imperative to command potent tools to defend personal liberty and empower free enterprise. In answer to this call, we provide easy tools for all ages to ensure confidential communications, safeguard valuable assets, and secure vulnerable operations. We are in no way affiliated with others outside of with company and/or product names similar to our own and do not vouch for any approaches they take or claims they make. All tools we have directly developed and endorsements we have specifically made are exclusively to be found on We are just getting started, so check back regularly for further developments.

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Message Encryption Tool

This easy tool takes a block of text (the message), which might be a text message, email, account number, phone number, or rendezvous plan, and transforms (encrypts) it into two blocks of text (the ciphers) that appear to be complete garbage. When the process is reversed, the original text is revealed. No part of the original text can ever be obtained without having both complete ciphers. There is no "back door" and it is impossible to "guess" a missing cipher. Moreover, completely different ciphers are produced each time any particular message is encrypted. The unique encryption method developed by Cloak and Dagger exclusively for this tool does not use any existing approaches or libraries. This powerful tool can serve many different purposes when creatively applied. For instance, instead of sending the ciphers to someone, you could store them in separate locations. This method works wonderfully for storing secret formulas.

How to send an encrypted message:
  1. Enter your message into the message box.
  2. Click the encrypt button.
  3. Send the two resulting ciphers in the two cipher boxes to the recipient(s) through separate channels along with instructions telling them to go to For example, send one cipher through a text message and the other cipher through an email, private message, fax, mailed document, courier, or carrier pigeon along with "go to".
  4. Destroy any unneeded traces of the message and ciphers.

How to read an encrypted message:
  1. Enter the two ciphers you received into the two cipher boxes, one per box in any order.
  2. Click the decrypt button.
  3. Do as you will with the resulting message in the message box.
  4. Destroy any unneeded traces of the message and ciphers.